Adventures of a different kind

(April 2015)

After Mexico, I had a couple of new adventures to look forward to. Fate had intervened once again and just as I was rolling around having sleepless nights about the fact I was going to be suddenly homeless in January, my friend Charlotte text to say that one of her housemates was moving out and did I want to move in?! Funnily enough, just the week before I’d been round at her house, making some dinner, and thinking just how at home I felt. So I packed my bags and waved goodbye to Clapham Junction, ready to start a new adventure by the river in Putney.

A journey of a different kind…

The next adventure began just a week later as I embarked on a journey of a different kind into what could potentially become a new career path and the first steps towards my goal of a life by the beach.

Back in November last year I signed up for a two month yoga teacher training programme with my home studio Hot Power Yoga. Although it was a huge challenge both physically and mentally, in particular dealing with an ongoing back issue during the course, I knew I would come out the other end a more confident and positive person, and I wasn’t wrong. What I hadn’t counted on however was meeting a whole new bunch of amazing friends who were just going to make my ongoing ‘stay in London/leave for the beach’ conundrum even more difficult.


One guy in particular grabbed my attention from the very start and we soon became firm friends. Each morning Luke would scoop me up into a massive bear hug and swing me around like a little doll and each afternoon the teacher would split us up for laughing uncontrollably and disturbing the class.


The likeness to my ex was a little uncanny and was perhaps what drew me to him initially. The fact that he’d also been through what sounded like a very similar relationship and break up was perhaps what cemented our bond though. Our endless talks about our ex’s and the fact that I’d bumped into mine just weeks before the course started didn’t help to take him off my mind, but I knew he was with someone else now and I was happy with that….or so I thought.

The course eventually drew to a close and I returned back to my old life with a new sense of purpose and a greater happiness in my every day. I knew that whether I decided to stay in London a while longer or begin the steps to pursue a new career, things would work out and I was excited for what was to come. (By the way if you’re interested in yoga, check out my new website).


Like the flame, to the fire

Then just when life seemed to be pretty damn peachy, a bolt from the past came hurtling towards me to knock me right back off my feet again.

Easter weekend, (which I later realised was exactly one year since our final break up) I headed out for a run along the river in Putney. Just as I was getting into my stride, I spotted a tall figure looming towards me and low and behold it was Rich. We stopped to chat and when the conversation didn’t seem to be stopping, we decided to carry on our workout together, running through the park before stopping on a grassy area so that I could show him some yoga moves.

We tried to stay friendly but the chemistry was undeniable and he couldn’t seem to keep from picking me up and embracing me. When it came time to leave, he suggested going for a coffee but I said no as I think I knew where it might lead. We embraced a final time and then reluctantly said goodbye.

I ran home in a whirl of emotions and when I finally stopped I realised that actually, all our fated meetings needed to be wrapped up once and for all and so I text and suggested we meet for that coffee. Half an hour later we were sat in a pub chatting and laughing and I couldn’t help but realise how easy and natural it felt between us. The lingering glances were inevitable but he was with someone else now and so I tried to ignore them.

A couple of hours later he dropped me off at home and as we went to hug, the chemistry got the better of us and we kissed. I was expecting him to pull away and say it was a mistake but there was no reluctance from him and when a few hours later I received a text to say how much he wanted to see me again with a link to a song that summed us up so eloquently I couldn’t help but think, is this it? Is it finally time for us to get back together?


But whilst my heart was saying ‘yes’, my head was saying ‘no’, it wasn’t the right time and it certainly wasn’t the right circumstances. A few days later, he came to the same conclusion, he was happy with someone else for now and I couldn’t argue with that. Despite the initial hurt, I knew it was the right thing for both of us. If we’re meant to be we’ll find a way to get back together but in the meantime, there are more adventures to be had.

Next stop…Amsterdam!

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