Fun & Fury on Fraser Island

(January 2010)

Hervey Bay & Fraser Island

As we arrived in Hervey Bay, we headed straight to the classroom to meet the rest of our convoy for the trip over to Fraser Island. Rich and I were split into cars of ten people – we were to share with two American girls, four Canadian girls and two Austrian guys. Once the cars were sorted, we watched an instructional video on how to drive the 4×4’s across the different terrains and what to do if any of the cars got stuck. We were also warned what to do if we came across one of the Dingo’s – the wild dogs that roam the island.

The next morning we set off with the Austrian’s driving our car and the rest of us – Rich and seven girls – in the back. We sang songs and got to know each other, stopping off every now and again as each car inevitably got stuck in a sand dune and we all had to pitch in to help dig them out. It was great fun but by the time we arrived at the camp site, it was almost dark and we had yet to set up the tents and make dinner.

As soon as the car stopped, Rich was ready to escape. I couldn’t blame him; being stuck in the car with seven giggly girls could hardly have been fun. He headed straight over to one of the other cars to get to know the rest of the people in our convoy.

When we all finally sat down for dinner and drinks later in the evening, one of the girls was being a little over-friendly with Rich. I was less than impressed and when she realised we were a couple, she clearly wasn’t too happy either.  After making a sarcastic comment about my accent, she was well and truly in the bad books and when her friend started to pitch in too, I was fuming.

Rich found the whole episode hilarious and continued to tease me for the rest of the trip but after our perfect week in Byron, I was so upset that we were back to bickering. I was on one of the most beautiful islands in Australia and all I wanted to do was get the hell out of there.

After a while, I decided to just ignore them and make the most of the trip. We were only there for a few days after all and (hopefully) we wouldn’t have to see them again. We swam in Eli Creek…

Then drove on to see the amazing Maheno Shipwreck..

After which we drove up to Indian Head…

Unfortunately the waters around Fraser are shark infested and so we couldn’t swim in the sea. We were all looking forward to our final day when we would head to Lake McKenzie but first we had a 4:30am start to ensure that we missed the incoming tides.

Lake McKenzie was worth the wait. The crystal clear waters were delightfully warm and we played for hours before it was finally time to head back to the ferry and to dry land.

Read about our next stop – Airlie Beach and the Whitsunday Islands, in the next post…

Travel tips for Byron Bay & Fraser Island:

  • In Byron, check out the accommodation just outside of the main town. Our camp site was a 40 minute walk into town, but it was also a lot quieter and cheaper too!
  • Byron is the perfect place to test the waves. Book a surf class with Kool Katz Surf School and learn the ropes before heading in to try it out for real. The instructors will make sure you get plenty of practise and promise to have you standing by the end of the day.
  • Read hostel reviews before booking a night’s stay. When we arrived in Hervey Bay, we heard rumours of bed bugs in the hostel we were staying in. We checked the mattress and fortunately were able to change rooms but others weren’t so lucky.
  • Most backpacker travel agencies will offer packager deals for your Fraser Island and Whitsundays trip, but make sure that you take the time to research rather than allowing them to choose for you.

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