Mexico – Isla Mujeres

(December 2014)

Two days before we were due to depart on our two week adventure to Mexico, I came down with a severe case of food poisoning. Brilliant, just what you want before you’re about to get on a 12 hour flight.

Thankfully the medication kicked in by the time the plane left the runway and so the journey itself wasn’t too bad and we managed to arrive safe and sound into Cancun before the sickness really took hold. Cue two weeks of feeling drained, with no appetite (and the rest!) Not exactly what I had in mind for my Christmas holiday.

Isla Mujeres (The Island of Women)


Luckily, our first stop on the three-location itinerary was the beautiful island of women, Isla Mujeres where we’d booked ourselves into the Hotel Roca Mar for three nights of r&r before it was time to rediscover hostel life in Playa del Carmen.

The first two days were spent with me rolling from hotel bed to sun lounger and back again, leaving Charlotte to entertain herself whilst I slept off the worst of it.

Sod’s Law

Whilst I was laid up in my sick bed, the sun was beaming outside my window, taunting me to come outside. Then, when I finally started to feel better it was almost as if the gods were laughing at us as the heavens opened and the rain didn’t stop all that day. Our plans to cycle around the island were clearly scuppered but not to be beaten, we instead decided to hire a golf buggy. Best. Decision. Ever.


We rallied around the island at what felt like lightning speed, stopping off whenever possible to take pictures of the beautiful scenery, whether it was the crashing waves on the Caribbean side of the island or the turquoise calm waters on the other side, taking in a turtle sanctuary along the way.


The day before, we’d joined a snorkelling tour around the island where although the visibility was terrible and we didn’t see much in terms of sea life, we were lucky to take in the underwater statues that make up MUSA.


After the golf buggy race, we headed back to the apartment and started to get ready for dinner. Finally feeling more like myself again, I danced around the room, singing at the top of my lungs and only stopping when Charlotte shouted me to come outside to watch the most spectacular lightning storm over the sea. We were transfixed for what felt like hours before eventually heading out for dinner at Olivia’s.

The Food! 

Everywhere we ate on Isla Mujeres served delicious, healthy food. Whether it was breakfast at Roosters, lunch on the beach or fresh seafood tacos by the pier. But we’d spotted (and been enticed by the aroma) of Olivia’s after walking past the day before. The mojitos were divine and the food (chicken & beef skewers, tzatziki, hummous, pittas and salad) was mouth-wateringly good. So good in fact that all we could do was stumble back to our beds where we had a peaceful night’s sleep aided by our food comas.

But we don’t want to leave…


Sunday was set to be our last morning on the island before we moved on to Playa Del Carmen but as we sat eating breakfast in the beaming sunshine, we knew it wasn’t time to leave just yet. Coffee cups empty, we raced back to the hotel to book an additional night and then headed straight to the beach to work on our tans and our yoga moves.

Next stop, Playa Del Carmen

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