What would you pack for a weekend away? (Competition Entry)

When the guys at TrekAmerica asked “What would you pack for a weekend away?”, I couldn’t resist the chance to share my packing list, especially as there was a chance to win a spot on the incredible Westerner 2 trip….

Well I guess it all depends on where you’re going really, so let’s say Marrakesh, somewhere I visited recently and know a little about.

For my first day in this Aladdin’s cave of a city, I would want something light & airy to keep me cool as I wander through the myriad stalls in Jemma El Fna (the main square). A cotton maxi dress (with high neck to keep me covered up, you have to respect the local traditions after all) would be ideal really.


After a day’s haggling in the Medina, I’d head back to my Riad to freshen up for a night in one of the trendy rooftop bars, Cafe Arabe being one of my favourites. There’d be no need to pack lots of toiletries as Morocco is well known for it’s beauty products, in particular the highly sought after ‘Moroccan Argan Oil’. Once dressed, I’d amble back along the sandy pathways until I reached the Cafe Arabe. I’d relax on one of the plush sofas, adorned with colourful cushions, and admire the lanterns hanging from the windows, as I listened to the sounds of the chanting ‘ohmmmmmms’ escaping from the nearby mosque.


On my last day, I’d venture out of the heart of the Medina and head to Jardin Majorelle along with the kindle I’d packed just for this reason. I’d sit on one of the benches in the lush gardens, pretending to read whilst secretly people-watching the locals and tourists as they wandered through the greenery and exotic plants. After drinking mint tea from one of the divinely decorated silver teapots, I’d remember why I hadn’t packed much at all, as I wandered back to the Medina ready to haggle for all the beautiful trinkets, jewellery and leather handbags a girl could wish for. My case would certainly be a heavier on the way home!


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